What Is Argan Oil Made From?

Updated: Jul 21

Would you believe that goats climb up argan trees to eat the argan nuts? Magical isn’t it? Goats love eating the pulp around the almond shaped nut that looks like a dried olive.

Argan Oil, is so unique that its trees can only grow in the South West Of Morocco and nowhere else due to the special and unique climate, dry and sunny throughout the entire year, plus that magical soil the region has.

Cosmetic version of Argan Oil is made by collecting Argan Oil Kernel seeds by hand, from the ground and not from the tree, to make sure they are ripe and ready to be cleaned and processed.

Once all argan fruits are collected and ready to be processed, the kernel seeds are extracted by cracking the nuts, and ground them until the paste is formed. Then, the paste is cold pressed to retrieve the purest Argan Oil

To know a little bit more about the major benefits of Argan Oil check out this Article about the benefits of Argan Oil.

So now that you know what Argan Oil is, the next question is how to find the most authentic, Organic Argan Oil that will give you all the amazing benefits the oil has to offer.

We know that having so many options to choose from, either online or in store could sometimes be overwhelming. Just make sure whatever product you get is organically made in Morocco and has no added ingredients.

If you need some extra help check out this Article we wrote to help you identify authentic Argan Oil.



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