Postpartum Hair Loss Is Totally Normal! Here Is What You Can Do To Stop It.

Let’s talk about postpartum hair loss. After the birth of that sweet baby, the mother’s body goes through many not-so-sweet being hair loss.

The luscious hair you acquired during pregnancy is falling out in clumps and handfuls!

More mamas go through this than you realize, and it can be embarrassing and aggravating.

Any mama who’s experienced this horrifying change has looked for a quick fix...THERE ISN’T ONE.

The female body can take up to 3 months to rebalance hormone levels; and if you’re breastfeeding add on dehydration and vitamin deficiency .

Nothing will give you a miraculous fix other than time to the meantime help yourself by nourishing your current hair and scalp.

Adding argan oil to your routine assists in moisturizing your scalp, roots, and hair to create a welcoming environment for new hair growth.

Be kind to your hair while waiting for your body to reboot - cooler water when washing hair, no harsh dyes, gentle shampoos, wide tooth combs, and ARGAN OIL.

Apply argan oil from tip to root depending on the dryness of your hair. Here is one mama’s personal success using our oil.


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