Are You Looking For A Cheap Argan Oil? Well, Read This Post Before You Do Anything!

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

We all know the great benefits that Argan Oil has to offer, but the question is how would you be certain that you will get what you pay for?

Does it make sense to buy a cheaper version and expecting a huge outcome in return? of course not!

The problem that Argan oil is facing in the US market, is that there is a lot of competition, and so many brands are claiming that they are offering the purest Organic Argan Oil with such a low price to only get your attention and empty your wallet.

So let me explain you why Argan Oil has to come with a hefty price.

The extraction process of Pure Argan Oil is very lengthy and takes a lot of work.

One tree of Argan oil could yield between 264 to 396 pounds. To yield 33 ounces of Pure Organic Argan Oil, woman in our Co-op will have to process 60 pounds of Argan fruits to get 4 pounds of Kernel seeds.

This process could take up to two days to complete, plus there is an extra 2 hours to grind the kernel seeds to get the final 33 onces of Pure Argan Oil.

Now that we have explained the production process of Argan Oil, do you still think that it makes sense to buy 4 oz of Argan oil for just $9 to $10 or even lower than that sometimes?

Even in Morocco where Argan Oil is produced, 1 liter ( 33oz ) of Argan Oil will still cost you a fortune!

Companies in the US are claiming that they are offering the real deal for a very competitive price and still make profit, and without taking into consideration the production and operation costs.

It clearly proves that most of their Argan oil is either diluted or has numerous ingredients to offset the cost!

Don't get me wrong there are some legitimate brands offering amazing products, but you just have to choose wisely!


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