5 Ways To Identify Authentic Argan Oil

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

We all know that getting your hands on Organic, Pure Organ Oil is very frustrating and time consuming. That is why we decided to lay out these 5 tricks that will definitely help you on your decision process.

1- Made in Morocco

Without any doubts, any Organ oil you decided to purchase has to be produced in the south west of Morocco and nowhere else. Made in Morocco should clearly be mentioned on the packaging or the bottle itself.

2- Light yellow Color

Genuine Argan oil, should have a light yellow color which means that it has been cold pressed to maximize its value and benefits. Any dark yellow or orange argan oil color, means that the oil has been diluted or mixed with other ingredients.

3- Packaging

To preserve Argan Oil and ensure its premium quality, the oil has to be packaged in a brown dark glass bottle to prevent it from oxidation. Stainless bottles could be used as well.

4- No added ingredients

You should check the ingredients before you make your purchase. The label should say either 100% Organ oil or if there is any ingredient listed, it should only say Spinosa Kernel oil and nothing else.

5- Price

An organic, pure Organ oil comes with a price. Quality means higher price, diluted and mixed up oil leads of course to a lower price.

If all conditions stated above are met, then a premium price should not be your concern, because you know for sure you are getting the pure, authentic Argan Oil.


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