Making process of the magical oil!

Argan Oil, is so unique that its trees can only grow in Morocco and nowhere else. We are working with co-ops managed by Moroccan women, who have been making Argan Oil for decades. So, help us empower these women and spread the magic of the oil worldwide!


We are committed to offering only organic argan oil, made the traditional way to preserve and maintain its premium quality. All of our Argan Kernel seeds are collected by hand from the ground, and not from the tree, to make sure they are ripe and ready to be cleaned and processed.


Cold Press Process

Once all argan fruits are collected and ready to be processed, we extract the kernel seeds by cracking the nuts, and grinding them until the paste is formed. Then, we cold press the paste to retrieve the pure Argan Oil.


Striving for excellence!

Your Satisfaction Is Our Main Priority

Our Objective

Only Argan is determined and dedicated to bringing you the real Argan Oil. We found out that all Argan Oil being sold on the US soil was mostly diluted and mixed with other ingredients, which affects the quality of the oil. 


That is why we decided to start this new adventure and provide our customers with a pure, organic Argan oil coming straight from its main source, southwest of Morocco.



Keeping Argan oil in its original form and not altering it is our unique selling point, which will allow us to offer you a high-quality Organic Argan Oil.

Our Mission

Caring about our customers is our main priority, that is why all our products are certified Organic and passed all quality standards, to provide you with a product that will exceed your expectations.

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